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Commercial EV Charging

All our team are fully qualified City & Guilds Electricians.
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EV Charging Installation Experts

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At O&D Electrical, our expert advisors can help you choose the best EV commercial charger for you. Whether it’s the convenience of a tethered charge point or the flexibility of a socketed one, O&D Electrical has you covered.
A tethered charging point has its own integrated cable, whereas a socketed point requires a separate cable connecting with each use.
If you’re unsure of which electric car charging solution you’d prefer, please contact our expert advisors to discuss the right option for you.

Electrical EV Charging

Workplace Charging
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Commercial Charging
Home Charging

Commercial Charging

It’s clear that electric cars are the future but providing charging solutions for your customers doesn’t have to be complicated. By installing commercial car charging points, you are evolving your business to meet the demands of your customers, maximising your business potential.

O&D ElectricalEV's expert advisors can help you chose the right solution for your premises and provide a seamless installation process.

Providing the latest in smart charging and management systems, you can maximise your business potential by creating a new, loyal customer base.

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Charging Scheme


The OZEV workplace grant reduces the purchase and installation cost of electric vehicle charging points for the workplace by 75%, up to £350 (including VAT) per socket. Companies can claim up to a maximum of 20 sockets; a total potential saving of £7,000.

Earn revenue and gain valuable data

Data Driven Intelligence 

O&D Electrical commercial charging solutions provide business owners with intelligence derived from data captures, which give incredible analytical feedback such as: 


  • Energy consumption by kW/h

  • Revenue generated per charge

  • Number of users over specific times

  • Tariff conditions

  • Emissions and fuel consumption comparison

  • Current chargepoint status

Return On Investment

Getting a return on your commitment and investment into EV charging infrastructure is simple: set your own tariff per kW/h and charge your customers for their usage.


Your tariff can be changed and managed through your dedicated back office management system at any time. 

Prepare your business for the upsurge in electric vehicle popularity

Commercial Charging Points

The installation of Commercial Charging Points will help to accommodate the rapid growth, and popularity, of electric vehicle (EV) ownership which is happening throughout the UK.


Enabling your existing and potential new customers to charge their vehicle during their next visit. O&D ElectricalEV can provide a full range of commercial car charging points, complete with a host of smart features, with charging points ranging from 3.6kW up to 150kW.

By 2030 almost all new cars registered in the UK will be electric and by providing your customers reliable and convenient charging infrastructure will establish an increasing and reoccurring customer base.

By listing your chargepoints on available mapping services, will inform new customers the installed chargepoints are reliable, ultimately giving them the best and convenient experience

Typical Setup Commercial

The installation of Commercial Charging Points will help to accommodate the rapid growth, and popularity, of electric vehicle (EV) ownership which is happening throughout the UK.

Step One: Preparation of Groundworks
step 1.png
Step Two: Preparation of Groundworks
step 2.png
Step Three: Preparation of Groundworks
step 3.png
Step Four: Preparation of Groundworks
Step 4.jpg
Step Five: Preparation of Groundworks
step 5.png
Step Six: Preparation of New Unit
Step 6.png
Step Seven: Testing of New Unit
step 7.jpg
Step Eight: Completed System Install
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