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Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

All our team are fully qualified City & Guilds Electricians.
Candy Cotton

O&D Electrical Ltd are experienced in completing EICR’s (Electrical Installation Condition Reports) and they are designed to highlight any safety shortcomings, defects or deviations from the current version of the electrical regulations (BS7671).

It is vitally important that an EICR is carried out by a competent electrician who has the experience and knowledge of the type of installation that is to be tested.

EICR Process

There are 3 main processes to an EICR, including a visual inspection, dead testing and live testing.


The visual inspection involves surveying the electrical installation before starting the electrical testing. The visual inspection will identify and broken, cracked or damaged devices, whether devices have been installed in the incorrect location and whether there have been overloading or overheating problems.


The dead testing involves continuity testing (to see if there are any badly connected wires), insulation resistance testing (to ensure the electrical material surrounding the wires are intact), polarity (checking the connections are in the right order) and earthing arrangement testing (checking to see that the earthing arrangement complies with regulations).

Finally, live testing involves earth fault loop impedance testing and RCD testing. The earth fault loop impedance testing checks that if a fault did occur, that the system meets the requirements to cause a disconnection of the supply, within the time limit specified.


On most modern electrical systems, RCD’s and RCBO’s are regularly fitted, meaning that these devices react to electricity missing from the circuit or installation – for example when a person receives an electric shock as the body passes through the body to the ground (earth).


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